Arturo Rosado

Figured I’d leave you a review! The way Shamama works is very hands on and the reading flowed naturally. The info was accurate and on point. Really broke down the entire scenario and every little aspect. Never did i find myself confused. A VERY enlightening hour! Thanks!

Iris Bouguereau

Thank you Shamama for all the inspiration and positivity you give us all. You are a strong beautiful woman and you have helped me a lot on my journey. True to yourself and devoted to the community, you are all love and light. Thank you for your support and your amazing energy. Namaste

Autumn Star Carlton

I’ve been admiring Christine’s general daily and weekly readings for a couple months now, and they’re always on point! Today, I had the pleasure of getting a personal reading and I don’t know how she managed to get into my head, though she validated and confirmed everything I’d been feeling today! If you want to know anything about you, your life purpose, love life, anything – book with Christine! She ROCKS!!!

Andrew Kowalski

I was going through a real rough patch recently and I felt like I had no energy and as if something was stopping me from breaking through the ice I felt trapped under. Shamama really attuned to me emotionally/spiritually and created a space of deep understanding, authenticity, and healing which helped me to break through. I’m so glad I decided to book the distant reiki session with her.

Tina K.

Wow is all I can say – there was so much thought, prayer and healing energy put into this custom blend!! It is a unique blend that was crafted based on the many intentions I wanted to set with this as well as healing messages from spirit. The scent is nothing like I’ve smelled before – I really feel like it makes me feel ‘ready’ and gives me a boost. It’s very uplifting and makes me feel positive which is truly a godsend during these times which have been personally spiritually challenging. So much gratitude to Christine (again!) for creating this beautiful blend (loving the sodalite roller too so much!) – thank you thank you thank you!!!

All is Well Healing

Well, I’m not surprised I was going to be blown away! Lol. I knew before I even opened the package it was extra magical as my hands were trembling (in a good way). The entire experience was just magical. From the extras Shamama included regarding my journey to her handwritten note. I feel so blessed, and the product goes above and beyond and completely empowering. Thank you so much, girl, I’m going to have to buy something else because I need this energy in my life. This is an investment in ourselves. Keep these goodies coming! You are the best. ♥ ♥ ♥. So grateful.