Plant Medicines 🍄

Spiritual Learning & Healing is not about religion. It is about how you relate & connect to yourself & the entire world around you. Over time humanity has moved away from the concepts of wholeness & oneness into separation & competition. We have been educated that we must conform, fit inside some neat little box in order to fit in. These teachings have created templates within us that have taken us away from our true connection with our sense of self & uniqueness, creating discord in our feelings, our souls & spirits. SHO Center’s 1:1 ceremonies are designed to bring you back to you & all that is. Our ceremonies are fully customized based on your needs, desires and suitability. We are here to facilitate restoring harmony, peace, balance & reconnection to self & all that is.

1:1 & Small Group Plant Medicine Ceremonies

All ceremonies are private and designed specifically for you! They may include any of the following activities & services: Connecting in Nature, Spiritual Guidance, Energy Sessions, Bodywork, Meditation, Quiet reflection, Journaling, Sound Therapy, Ecstatic Dance/Movement Therapy, Fire Clearings & Working with Sacred Plants (Sananga, Hape', Mushrooms). Ceremonies vary in medicine dosages and length of times based on individuals needs and intentions...Macro and Micro Dosing Available. Due to the individual nature of these ceremonies pricing and scheduling are done following a complimentary phone consultation. Please email me directly at