Candles, Oils & Oracles


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PURESHO is my own line of 100% therapeutic essential oil blends & flower essences made by Shamama just for you! All of these products are designed to assist you in healing, clearing & connecting to your highest vibrational frequency, as well as facilitating in deepening your spiritual practices. You can also enjoy wearing them as an alternative to your favorite daily perfumes or fragrances.

TIED IN KNOTS ORACLE & LOVE AIN'T ALL RAINBOWS 🌈 & UNICORNS 🦄ORACLE are 2 full color 90 & 78 card oracle deck created by Shamama Hunting Owl. When your heart feels like it’s TIED IN KNOTS or your Love Life AIN'T ALL RAINBOWS 🌈 & UNICORNS 🦄 these oracle decks will provide you with quick answers and intuitive insights!! They cut through the bullshit and gives you the messages you NEED to hear!!

The Pixie Princess Book 1... Book 2 Coming Soon!!!!


Join The Pixie Princess and her Daddy the King as they set out on their very first journey into the Forest of Awakening! There, they will meet a Unicorn Queen who will guide them in their discoveries of all things spiritual, mystical, and magical! On their adventures, they will learn concepts and principles of Spirituality, Awakening, Enlightenment, Unconditional Love, Unity Consciousness, and Healing. And, most importantly, they will have lots of fun! It is my hope in sharing this series that it will serve as a joyful bonding experience to help parents connect more deeply with their children, and to make the the esoteric mysteries of all things spiritual approachable and exciting for the whole family!


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