About Shamama Hunting Owl

Shamama Hunting Owl, serves as an intuitive mystic, spiritual teacher, and healing facilitator for many across the globe. She is a work in progress in her own life, healing, learning and growing into her own self mastery. Striving to "be" her purest and most authentic self and being of service to humanity. The focus of her practice includes but is not limited to: spiritual guidance through tarot, oracle, channeled messages; energy healing; massage therapy/bodywork; expanding self awareness; mindfulness; healing on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels; working through trauma and PTSD; breaking free from old paradigms and conditioned belief systems; and ultimately transcending to higher consciousness. It is her goal to help those grasp a deeper understanding of their life experiences by gaining new insights & perspectives from a heightened awareness, health, and wholeness. The diversity of her background, experiences and skills allows Shamama to provide her clients with many unique options, techniques and modalities to facilitate their journey to wellness, awakening & enlightenment.


  • Advanced Integrative Energy Therapy
  • Reiki Level 2
  • Shamanic Energy & Healing
  • Munay-Ki Rites Healing & Initiation
  • Munay-Ki 13th Rite of the Womb
  • Tantra
  • Crystal Light Therapy Bed Practitioner
  • Sound Bowl Healing
  • Tarot/Oracle Card Reading
  • Aromatherapy
  • Plant Medicine Practitioner/Integration
  • Ordained Minister of Universal Life Church

Education & Experience:

  • Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling
  • Florida Licensed Massage Therapist MA#79727

Mission Statement

The mission of my practice is to integrate the functions of the body, mind, emotions and soul in order to improve your quality of life. We will address your daily struggles, while eliminating burdens to your physical bodies (traumatic injuries, physical abuse, chronic/acute pains or illness), quieting your internal mental chatter, balancing your emotional well being (sexual or emotional abuses, stressful life conditions or other traumatic events: PTSD), and reconnect to your soul. You will find increased peace, tranquility & inner harmony by the end of the session. Every experience is tailored to meet your individual goals. I also teach 1:1 and in groups on various topics about spirituality, meditation & perform healing ceremonies, and work with plant medicines (micro & maro dosing).